• Identify & establish your "why" for homeschooling

  • Set & organize your education & character goals

  • Overcome the fear of "Am I enough?"

  • Develop & nurture a Biblical worldview

  • Find & maintain your teaching/learning flow

  • Maximize your child's learning at each stage

  • Become a lead learner & much more!


Tommy & Candace 

The truth was shared! Hearing about the faith and personal testimonies that go into homeschooling was encouraging. Thank you again for making this. We are so encouraged and feel very empowered to lead our children on this journey.


I will be honest, since I am already a homeschooling mom, I thought, yeah, yeah...I am sure I will pick up something here and there, but this lesson really inspired me and made me realize that I needed it just as much as a never-have-homeschooled parent. 

* Socialization

What the term generally means to parents VS psychologists, and why the difference matters


* Scheduling

Practical tips and insights for finding and maintaining your teaching/learning flow


* Development

Insights and strategies for maximizing your child's learning at each stage of the journey


* Learning Styles

Understand teaching methods and learning styles to determine what's best for your family


Additional support for your homeschooling journey

Yes, You Can Homeschool! Equipping Course

Feedback Continued

Feedback Continued